T-shirt history

The idea of T-shirts surfaced between 1898 and 1913 during the Spanish-American war. Crew-necks and short sleeves were often worn as an undergarment beneath the uniforms of the U.S. Navy. This is because the fabric is lightweight and suited for hotter weather conditions. Thus, it has become popular among dockworkers, farmers, miners, and construction workers. More than its undergarment purposes, the T-shirt has become part of the realm of fashion in the 1960s. It served as an artistic expression of oneself. Through time, t-shirts became utilized in the advertising industry to convey messages. Later on, it also became part of political campaigns.

On a related note, placing designs on clothing dates back to the tribal times. People from various cultures used to draw on them as an expression of their uniqueness. Today, there is a growing popularity of custom T-shirt printing. In fact, the T-shirt printing market expects to garner a revenue of 10 billion US dollars by 2025. In this year, there has been a series of emerging T-shirt design trends. First, we have the mystic minimalist design inspired by tattoos and natural themes. Then, boxed typography that plays around with fun geometric shapes and bold words. Next are minimalist phrases in cool fonts and ink colors. Last are handmade illustrations made with design software and resources. These tools can help give a real hand-written touch whether it's a T-shirt design app or software.